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Becoming a TAT Trainer

Benefits of being a certified TAT® Trainer:

  • Giving TAT Workshops
  • The opportunity to guide and consult with those who are working on their own Professional certification
  • A Trainer’s discount on TATLife® products, which you are then free to sell at the regular store price to clients and workshop attendees
  • A Trainer’s discount on all Basics of TAT workshops with Tapas Fleming and other selected workshops
  • The ability to post TAT workshops on our calendar of events and link the listing to a website or email address
  • Your stories featured in TATLife publications, reaching thousands of interested people, and linked to your listing on the TATLife website
  • Extensive support materials including:
    • Basics workshop PowerPoint presentation with written explanation of key points for easy teaching (can also be printed)
    • Outlines for the group sessions on weight loss maintenance which were proven effective in the Kaiser Permanente/NIH study
    • A sample syllabus
    • A complete workshop host’s preparation checklist
    • Samples of completed continuing education applications for TAT workshops and conference presentations
    • Participant Release Agreement Form to use for your TAT workshops
  • A listing on the TATLife website Trainers pages which includes
    • Your contact information
    • A brief description of services you offer
    • Your photo
    • Your education and qualifications
    • A link to your website
    • An audio recording so that people can get a real sense of who you are
  • Membership on a TATLife Trainers Only email discussion list
  • Access to a Trainers Only portion of the TATLife website with a Trainers Only forum
  • The ability to market yourself as a certified TAT Trainer
  • The right to use the trademarks Tapas Acupressure Technique® and TAT® in your business subject to your Trainer Agreement

At this point, we only certifiy Trainers who speak English.

To become a certified TAT Trainer:

  • Be a certified TAT Professional in good standing for at least one year.
  • Have an interview with Tapas by signing up for a 1/2 hour consultation with her. If Tapas needs more time with you, she'll let you know. This should be done before you even send in your application (see below).
  • Submit your application with a one-time $155 application fee (non-refundable). We periodically upgrade and change our requirements, so please refresh this page to make sure you have the current requirements. You're responsible for completing the requirements in effect at the time your application for certification is submitted.
  • Attend a Trainer’s Course with Tapas Fleming (or make special arrangements with TATLife).
  • Document an additional 25 sessions with others and 25 sessions on yourself (click here to see samples of the forms). Email the typed, completed forms to both Sara and Tapas. Review these forms by setting up a consultation with Tapas .
  • Set up two 60-minute consultations with Tapas to observe you conducting two separate TAT sessions with clients.  These should be clients who are not very familiar with TAT.
  • Complete the questions on the Essential Points for Trainers document. Send the typed, completed forms to both Sara and Tapas. Review this form by setting up a consultation with Tapas . This can be done in the same appointment as reviewing the TAT sessions on yourself and others. 
  • Listen to the Geneva Workshop audio recording.
  • Watch the Healing the Emotional Aspects of Cancer DVD.
  • Study the TAT Basics - Portland DVDs or download.
  • Study the materials listed for Professionals' continuing education if you have not already:
  • Independently study material on how to run a workshop and write a typed one-page summary. Review the summary and important points for running a workshop with Tapas . Options include reading a book such as How to Run Seminars and Workshops: Presentation Skills for Consultants, Trainers, and Teachers by Robert L. Jolles taking a course/workshop studying with a coach

Your certification will be complete when you receive a recommendation with final approval from Tapas or the Trainer she recommended (see below).
To complete your certification:
When you have completed the above requirements, write to Julie. She will send you information on how:

  • to pay the $295 certification fee ($45 administrative fee plus a $250 materials fee)
  • complete the information form for your website listing
  • sign the Trainers Agreement

Once this is done, you will receive your TAT Trainer certificate, access to all the resource and support materials, and all the benefits that are yours as a certified TAT Trainer.
Membership Fees:
All certified TAT Trainers must maintain their TAT Professional membership. 

Trainers are required to pay an administrative fee for each workshop attendee equal to 5% of the registration fee charged and to provide TATLife with their contact information. This applies to workshops that are:

  • Basics Workshops
  • workshops that are advertised on the TATLife website
  • workshops that count toward certification or continuing education for TAT certification

Trainers are also required to provide each participant in a Basics Workshop with the new version of You Can Heal Now (currently being updated), which can be purchased at the Trainer’s discounted rate.