TATLife Certification program


Thank you for your interest in being certified as a TAT Professional / TAT Trainer.


While reading the TAT Steps and doing the Pose are not difficult, using TAT with someone else takes a great deal more. You need to know not only the technique, but also:

  • how to be present with people you work with
  • how to use TAT to address a wide variety of conditions
  • when you are out of your depth and what to do about it
  • ethical and legal issues

At the very heart of doing TAT with others is the ability to be fully present with the person in a way that allows the healing to happen without pushing, judging, analyzing or trying to change their experience in any way. It's surprising how hard that can be - and what a tremendous difference it makes. The certification program will help you develop this ability and gain this knowledge through all the components of the program, especially the Practicing Presence workshop.



We have developed two certification levels, one for using TAT with others (TAT Professional) and one for teaching TAT to others (TAT Trainer). You don't need any additional licenses or degrees in order to be certified by TATLife. However, certification is not guaranteed simply by completing the certification program. 

A person's presence, understanding, skill, and ethics are all considered in whether TATLife grants certification. If a person isn't granted certification, they will have the opportunity to continue their training.

The following links and information will tell you what is required for certification so that you can decide if it is for you. We recommend that you review each of these documents before you begin the certification process so that you have a complete understanding of the entire program.


TATLife Policy on Certification


How to Become a TAT Professional


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Certification Program