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TATLife’s Certification Program exists for anyone who’d like to learn TAT® according to the standards set by Tapas Fleming, originator of TAT. It includes a set of skills and the demonstration of having learned essential information that will enable you to effectively deliver our standard of care to clients. TATLife is the only certifying body for TAT.

Becoming a certified TAT Professional will place you in a better legal position if your services are ever called into question because you would be able to demonstrate a level of competency in TAT by having completed the Certification Program. In addition, the Continuing Education component of the Certification Program ensures that the Professionals’ competency level is maintained at current standards. Completing the Certification Program also enhances your professional credibility and potentially opens up greater possibilitiesfor working as a mainstream complementary medicine provider.



In the past, some people have received a TAT Practitioner certificate after taking a one- or two-day workshop. Others simply call themselves a TAT Practitioner as a general term claiming that they do TAT. However, this term is not legal and could easily lead people to incorrectly assume that someone advertising themselves as a TAT Practitioner is certified by TATLife’s current Certification Program. TATLife invites everyone who received a TAT Practitioner title in a previous workshop to complete our CertificationProgram.

Only Certified TAT Professionals and Trainers have the legal right and my approval to represent that they use TAT or Tapas Acupressure Technique.

Only Certified Trainers are authorized to teach TAT courses. Our Trainers give certificates of completion for courses taken, not titles. Once a person has completed all the requirements of the Certification Program and demonstrated required skills, TATLife grants them the legal right to use the title TAT Professional or TAT Trainer, whichever is applicable.


Trademarks and Copyright

TAT® Tapas Acupressure Technique®, and TATLife® are federally registered trademarks which may only be used with permission from Tapas Fleming. If you’d like to include any of our information, including our free How to Do TAT for a Stressful Event booklet and/or the Steps of TAT, in any product, presentation or website, please contact TATLife. All our materials, including our website, are copyrighted and you need written permission to use any portion of them beyond fair use.

If you would like to share TAT, please refer people to our website for the free How to Do TAT for a Stressful Event booklet. You might also like to join our affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can link directly to our website and earn a percentage of your viewers' subsequent purchases. If you'd like more information about our affiliate program, just click here.