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Becoming a Certified TAT Professional

TAT® Professional certification benefits:

  • Gaining the depth of knowledge and experience with TAT to assist your friends, family, clients and self effectively help heal allergies, traumas, negative beliefs, emotional aspects of physical illness and much more
  • Teleconference calls with Tapas per year with time for questions and answers, connecting as a community, and sometimes group TAT
  • Access to recordings of past calls with Professionals
  • A listing of your business on the TATLife® website which includes:
    • contact information
    • a brief description of your services
    • your photo
    • your education and qualifications
    • a link to your website
  • A Professionals’ discount on TATLife products which you are then free to sell to clients at regular store prices
  • A Professionals’ discount on Basics of TAT workshops with Tapas Fleming, and sometimes on other selected workshops
  • Membership in an email discussion group for TAT Professionals only
  • Access to the Professionals Only website section which includes free downloadable support materials available to Professionals only
  • The assurance that you have been appropriately trained in TAT
  • The ability to market yourself as a certified TAT Professional
  • The right to use the trademarks Tapas Acupressure Technique® and TAT® in your business subject to your Professional Agreement
To become a Certified TAT® Professional:
We periodically upgrade and change our requirements, so please refresh this page to make sure you have the current requirements. You will be responsible for completing the requirements in effect at the time your application for certification is submitted.
  • Submit your application with a one-time non-refundable $155 application fee.
  • Attend one workshop on the Basics of TAT (at least 10 workshop hours) in person (can be a webinar or teleseminar) within the last 3 years given by a certified TAT Trainer or Tapas Fleming. (Click here to see listings of upcoming workshops).
  • Attend one Practicing Presence workshop with Tapas (click here to see a list of upcoming workshops with Tapas).
  • Study the TAT Basics in France recording (click here to purchase),
    • AND Study the TAT Basics - Portland recording (click here to purchase),
    • Attend a second workshop on the Basics of TAT given by a certified TAT Trainer or Tapas Fleming
  • Read and study the Professional's Manual (available to purchase when you register for the Certification Program).
  • Study the Heart and Soul recording (click here to purchase) - cost is $97
  • Study the Healing Allergies with TAT recording
  • Study the Health and Physical Conditions workshop
  • Discuss the topics listed in the document, "Mentoring Topics for Certification" with a certified TAT Trainer1 or in consultation with Tapas. This can be done one-on-one or as part of a group, in person or over the telephone/Skype/webinar/teleseminar.
    Your Trainer will mentor you, answer your questions, and help you learn to use TAT with skill and presence. You're free to choose the Trainer you'd like to work with over the course of your studies.
  • Complete the questions on the Essential Points for Professionals document (available when you join the certification program) and discuss them with your Trainer.
  • Document:
    • Twenty five TAT sessions on yourself
    • Twenty five TAT sessions with others
    • Fifteen sessions with a TAT Buddy2
    • Case Studies on sessions you do with others
      Review these with your Trainer.
      Once you join the certification program, you will have access to forms for documentation. Click here to see a sample of each form.
  • Study the Weight Loss package (click here to purchase).
  • Do two TAT sessions with a client to be evaluated by a TAT Trainer.
    Your choice - the sessions may be: The client in these sessions should be someone who is new or fairly new to TAT (preferably who has not taken a Basics workshop).
    • done in person
    • done with your Trainer present via Skype
    • recorded on audio or video and sent to your Trainer
  • Read the TAT Ethical Guidelines.
  • Have three one-hour TAT sessions with Tapas or another TAT Trainer (s) - all three sessions can be with different people.
Your certification will be complete when you receive a recommendation with final approval from your Trainer and sign the Professionals Agreement.  You can download a copy of the agreement to review here.  You'll be sent a copy to sign once you've been recommended by your Trainer, accepted by TATLife, and paid your membership fee.
To complete your certification:
When you have completed the certification requirements and you and your Trainer are satisfied that you're ready to be certified as a TAT Professional, your Trainer will send a recommendation to certifiation@tatlife.com. Once the recommendatioon has been received and accepted, you will be sent the information on how to pay the fees ($45 administrative fee plus a $195 membership fee3). Once this is done, you will receive your TAT Professional certificate, access to all the resource and support materials, and all the benefits that are yours as a certified TAT Professional.
To maintain your certification:
  • Pay the $195 membership renewal fee, due every two years on December 31.
  • Complete 12 hours total of continuing education every two years.
    Details on renewal requirements are available to Professionals, and in general consist of:
    • consultations or group work with any TAT Trainer or Trainers you choose
    • consultation with Tapas
    • continuing education in approved courses (must be approved prior to attendance)
    • studying TAT materials which will be listed in the Student section of the TATlife website 

1You will need to contract with a Trainer individually. Trainers will charge their regular fees for these services.
2Your TAT Buddy needs to have taken a TAT Basics workshop with a certified TAT Trainer or watched the Portland-Basics recording. We'd prefer that your buddy also be enrolled in the certification program (or be certified already) and that you do all 15 sessions with the same buddy.
3 The membership portion of your fee will be prorated so that your renewal date will be January 1.