Healing Allergies with TAT; Allergy Miracle

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Here’s a question we received in an email followed by my reply:

When treating allergies I do not always get a good result (for example hay fever or wheat). Is it necessary to repeat TAT for an allergen several times and if so, do you use the same wording?


Here are some big picture areas to focus on using TAT to heal. Even though the specifics given below relate to allergies, these general approaches will work for any problem.

Life Events
When you’re treating yourself for allergies, it’s usually best to concurrently heal big life traumas (deaths of loved ones, accidents, heartbreaks, etc.). This will strengthen your overall immune system by decreasing your stress level. Following this approach and those listed below, I haven’t found it necessary to repeat TAT for an allergen using the same wording.

You’ll also be helped by noticing if you have any global beliefs that your body might be manifesting as allergies. For example, a belief like, “I’m allergic to life”, “I can’t protect myself”, or “Life is too much for me” can be like living in an unprotected home where anyone can enter and even friends can end up making trouble. What would be perceived by other people’s bodies as a “friend” (like wheat) has entered and is making trouble for you.

Here’s another way to picture this: imagine uploading a video (a belief) onto your website (your body). You could now download that same video onto your computer, phone or ipod. In the same way, our beliefs automatically set up our personal reality. We then receive evidence (downloads) of these beliefs in different forms: reoccurring similar thoughts, emotions, cellular chemistry (including allergic reactions), and life situations. These are some of the various forms in which we encounter our underlying beliefs. Once you clear up these limiting global beliefs, allergies can be cleared up, too.

See if you have any limiting beliefs like “TAT can only work for emotional healing — allergies are ‘real’ so this won’t work.” Usually, just being in the TAT pose with your attention on a simple belief that’s not deeply rooted, and then putting your attention on the opposite condition, is enough to clear away the belief and open the pathway for healing. You’d be surprised - although these beliefs are so flimsy that they seem hardly worth noticing, they can dam up the flow of your healing energy.


Are you remembering to make the initial dedication before you begin your healing work? (It’s at the beginning of the How to do TAT download at the website.) Including your ancestors in your healing work is powerful — you’re not only doing healing for yourself, but for many who came before you. Feeling the deep connection with your ancestors and their heartfelt appreciation for your healing on their behalf can be a profound, sublime resonance.

While you’re healing physical conditions (such as allergies), it’s good to take a minute or so each day and, in the TAT pose, visualize yourself in the condition you want to attain. In your visualization, see and feel yourself in the healed condition now. Hear yourself, silently or aloud, telling yourself how you are now, in your radiant healed condition.

Most Influential Allergens
Doing TAT several times over the course of the healing (possibly 10 or more) to dissolve the most influential allergen is often a good support to your overall healing program. You’d do TAT with your attention on The Problem (Step One) as “The most influential allergen” and The Opposite (Step Two) as “My body is fine with this (allergen)” or whatever statement you choose that is the opposite condition of being stuck in the allergic condition. Then do the rest of the Steps. Each time you heal your relationship with a particular allergen, the next most influential allergen is the one your body will then address; the ones you’ve cleared are gone from your plate and the next one will automatically appear. You don’t need to be conscious of what these allergens are; you just need to make the intention that you’re now working on the current “most influential” one.

Give Your Healing Time
Sometimes, people read or hear TAT stories about a grand and complete healing that happens in one session. Healing with TAT can be that fast and easy. It is also normal for healings to be complete after using TAT with several approaches. When cancer was present in my body, I did TAT around 100 different times over several months. All this being said, no healing modality is guaranteed to work for everyone, in every instance. But TAT has a very impressive track record over the past 13 years.

Here is a story that beautifully illustrates healing allergies with TAT. This was sent to me by Bronia Fuchs-Willig, our newest TAT Professional.

My very dear Tapas,

This is a red letter day for me! I have just confirmed that I am cured of an allergy from which I have suffered from over 30 years!

It all happened yesterday. I was invited to the coast with a friend and her two children and accepted with delight, which soon turned to horror as I opened the door of their car to get in. There before me was their sweet but very long-haired dog whom they had taken along.

I have been allergic to these animals since about 1974, and am no longer in their company for more than a minute when my eyes flare up, get red and itchy, my nose starts running and I can’t breathe properly. So I got in, resigned to taking out my allergy tablets within the next minute or so.

I should say, however, that a few months earlier, sitting on the very beach we were off to visit, I had done a few TAT sessions on myself for a number of allergies from which I have suffered for many years; among these were a session on the probable cause of my allergy to dog hair (the death of my father) and then one on the allergy itself. I hadn’t thought about it since then and hadn’t had any opportunity to test the results of the process.

Well, yesterday, we set off, chatting as we drove, and ONE AND A HALF HOURS LATER, I suddenly realised that I HAD NOT HAD ONE SINGLE ALLERGIC REACTION to the dog (Mickey!), despite the fact that, not only was he sitting right behind me all the while, but also that I was sitting on his usual seat, right amidst the inevitable dog hair everywhere! Unbelievable! The whole trip there took 2 hours 30 minutes and NOTHING.

Oddly enough, when we arrived at the beach and got out of the car, my nose started to twitch uncomfortably and, by the time we had sat down at the outdoor restaurant for lunch, I was in the middle of a horrendous, full-blown allergy attack, with my eyes swollen and teary. I hadn’t any idea what could be causing it sitting out there in the open, (it definitely wasn’t plants or anything) and still don’t know, but I dived into my bag for the allergy pills. I put them on the table in front of me, but I just couldn’t give up without knowing whether TAT would have helped me. So I didn’t take them. I discreetly took the pose and did the 3-step process (I had done TAT on my friends, so they took no notice of me), and, lo and behold, the allergy attack stopped in its tracks, my eyes calmed down and I wasn’t bothered again at all!

That evening we drove back in the same way, 2 1/2 hours again, and NOTHING!

So I now consider myself free of that allergy in the most amazing way and am so relieved and grateful to you and TAT for setting me free. (It’s so embarrassing having to steer clear of friends’ dogs all the time and even worse when you have a dog next to you on a long train trip, for example).

I should also add, that, to all intents and purposes, I am pretty well free of the other allergies I’ve treated, cosmetics and pollen, in particular. I now need to do a session on fruit allergy, which I shall hasten to do.

I couldn’t wait to let you know the good news - I can hardly believe it myself. And long live the 3-step process which was such a wonderful help to me yesterday! It would have been impossible to do the 9 steps in that situation.

All my love and blessings,


Thank you, Bronia.

Bronia felt that her allergy was related to her father’s death, so she did TAT about it. You don’t have to have any idea about the origins of an allergy to do the things I’ve written about here.

To get the most benefit from TAT, please also study the Workshop 2000 (available as a CD, DVD, or mp3 audio download), the Allergies and Traumas DVD (also available as an mp4 video download), and the Healing the Emotional Aspects of Cancer DVD and booklet. By studying these, you’ll get a wider and more in-depth understanding of how to heal physical illness (and emotional troubles) with TAT. The Healing the Emotional Aspects of Cancer DVD is full of detailed approaches you can use in healing the emotional roots of any physical illness and will give you lots of practical information applicable to allergy healing. You’ll learn how to use dreams to help yourself heal and how to communicate with cells to find out what your body needs to be healthier.

Love and best wishes for your happiness,