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physical conditions


Listen to Judy tell us about the resolution of a long-time impacted bowel problem.


"For seven years... it was debilatating... now I am so healthy!"

Deni talks about how her chronic lyme disease symptoms have been resolved with TAT. 
Deni is a certified TAT Trainer -- see her profile by clicking here.


My wife was depressed for over 30 years after the birth of our children. Because of her health situation, I went into counseling, for I was determined to find a way to help her out of her depression. I was looking for techniques that could heal her and so I came into social work and from there into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I worked a lot with her using NLP, but still she was trapped in her depression. So in the year 2000, Don Blackerbee from NLP told me to call Gary Craig. He convinced me to try EFT. On one of his videos I bought, I saw Tapas do a demonstration that pushed me into TAT. After more then 30 years, Chavah was healed from her depression just by using TAT. Nothing else had helped her so well.


About 4 years ago Chavah got the disease CMV, which is like chronic fatigue syndrome. She was convinced that this is something that you could not really heal that easily. She was in bed all day with pains. There were 2 friends that came to her and told her "no one understands our disease. If you need me, call me so we can talk about our disease and I can encourage you, for I understand what you are going through."

I did not want to hear of this. So the first thing I asked her was, "Why do you not want to heal?” Chavah did not want to do TAT. "Just leave me alone," she said. She was in terrible pain. I kept on coming back each day to find out why she was averse to healing and her interest in holding onto the disease.

Finally she gave in and we did TAT on each belief we could think of that stopped her healing process. After we had done all of the beliefs and she was going in the right direction, she wanted to work with TAT. So every day we worked on the pain or the thought that came in. The pains were traveling through her body, so every day she had pains in another part of her body. And the sentences we used were like, “Everything that caused (this back pain) happened.” So every day it was different. Each day she checked herself and than we did TAT on what was there.

Chavah healed in 8 months from CMV. And her 2 friends are still suffering. They do not want to hear about using TAT. Chavah is working now with me in our private TAT practice. She is in great health. TAT is so beautiful you just need to try it on every hardship you have. TAT is just simple and easy.

Eliezer Spetter



I work in a hospital critical care unit (ICU), and I do the healing pose on patients when I have time. I can't be sure of the outcome, but I'm confident it helps my patients on some level.

Here is an example for you:

One of my patients is a young man, 28, who was very healthy until he suddenly had uncontrollable seizures of an unknown origin and slipped into a coma three months ago, needing a ventilator to breathe. He began picking up infections, as many ventilator dependent patients do, and did not show any brain activity. In essence, he was a very, very sick young man and his prospects were looking quite grim. The neurologists were giving no hope for his recovery. His wife was at his side every day and was, of course, very upset. He had a tracheostomy tube put in for long term ventilator management.

This man's father is a Native American healer who is very sweet. I asked him if he was doing any healing on his son, but he claimed that the type they do does not work on family members (limiting belief?). He noticed my "energy" and asked me to work on my patient. I made it clear to him that I don't do the healing, that it's universal energy which does. I worked on him a few times a couple weeks ago. I did the TAT pose on the patient as you described for people sick in bed and also did some other energy work on the patient.

Three days ago, he woke up and I weaned him off the ventilator!! Yesterday, he passed his swallow evaluation and he's now talking!! The whole ICU staff are amazed and joyous. We're all talking about the news!!

I have no idea what caused the change. I guess it doesn't matter. I just want to let you know that I'm putting your work to use. Thank you, Tapas.




This is a record of a TAT session, led by Tapas Fleming, which took place at a TAT Workshop in Redondo Beach in October 2001. 
For as long as I can remember I have always been bothered by bright sunlight and seldom went outside without wearing sunglasses. Even on overcast days, if the sky was bright I wore sunglasses, and when driving at night I used night driving glasses to cut down the glare. This was not a problem to me, and certainly I had never considered needing treatment for it; it had not occurred to me.

During the workshop, Tapas led the group in a treatment of the first allergic reaction from conception to the present, as a group exercise. I joined in with the exercise without any idea of this first allergic reaction. In fact I no longer have any allergy problems as the two which had caused me problems (tomatoes and onions) had been cleared at a previous workshop.

Holding the TAT pose during the first step, I had a clear picture of a baby in a pram (stroller) outside in the sunlight. In the later steps I had no significant results to report, except for the 6th Step (Forgiveness) where I had a brief thought that I should forgive my nanny. It was a very brief thought because my nanny, who looked after me so well all my young life and was about well into my adulthood, never did a thing wrong by me and I would forgive her anything anyway.

The workshop proceeded and I forgot about that particular exercise.

At lunch that day I went out to eat outside with some other members of the workshop, and it was not until I felt uncomfortably hot that I realised I was sitting in full sunlight and not wearing sunglasses! Since that day, I have driven across California, Arizona and Texas in the sun with no need for sunglasses. In fact I have never worn them since. Nor do I need night driving glasses. Does anyone want to buy two good pairs of sun glasses or a pair of night driving glasses!

Sensitivity to bright light is not in my definition an allergy, but working on my first allergy certainly seems to have cleared it completely.

It is worth noting that, back in the UK, I turned a corner and looked directly into a bright low autumn sun, and immediately screwed my eyes up and turned away. This shows that, even though I am no longer sensitive to bright light, I still have the normal protective reflexes that preserve my sight from over exposure.




I had suspected when I went to see my osteopath and found her looking like a little bird with a broken wing that there were serious emotional issues behind her skiing accident, so I suggested we do TAT, which she had never heard of but was very willing to try. I certainly wasn't prepared for what happened.

Before beginning, she explained that she was distressed not only because her broken shoulder was still painful and preventing her from practicing, but because, as a healer, she had no right to need healing herself. She had let all her patients down, she wasn't worthy of needing help, etc. However, as soon as she focused on the introductory healing intention [I deserve to live and I accept love, help and healing], she blurted out that she had been an unwanted child, though much loved once she'd arrived.

She asked me to do the pose on her, because, as a cranial osteopath, her hands were getting interference responses. Well, we worked on the whole package at once.

Step 1 "This accident happened"

Step 2 "This accident happened, it's over now and I'm completely healed".

She felt different things at various stages of the process. She first got a really strong emotion fizzing up and vanishing from her chest. Next, tension building up in and then dissipating from her neck. At the forgiveness steps she saw a volcano with luminous, white clouds of forgiveness spouting from its top, and, at the end, she said she was smiling inside and there were little petals of serenity gently drifting to the ground. It was sooo beautiful!

After the session, she was unrecognizable - relaxed and comfortable, her face glowing with peace. Her whole posture was totally transformed: head up, shoulders back and down, and there was a confidence in her step that I'd never seen before.

She also then tested her broken shoulder by lying on her work table, as she had been doing for her physiotherapy sessions, and couldn't get over it when she realized she'd obtained complete extension of her injured arm over her head, gaining at least 3-4 inches, which 10 weeks of regular physiotherapy had not enabled her to do. AND, she was totally free of any pain! She was bowled over!

Voilà! It was all so moving and we're both so grateful to you. The tears were streaming down my face as I walked home!

I wanted to give you the follow up on that session with my osteopath. I went to see her today, a month after our session, and she's doing well. I asked whether she had still been plagued by that feeling that we worked on. "What feeling?" she answered. "The one about being unworthy of being healed and anger at yourself at needing help". "Oh," she said, "do you know, I'd totally forgotten that I'd ever felt like that. It's never crossed my mind since!" She was once again moved and amazed at how subtle and powerful the technique is.




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