Certified TAT Professionals

TATLife is the only certifying authority for TAT Professionals and those Professionals are listed below.

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Picture Name Location State/Provincesort icon Country
Tapas's picture
Tapas LA CA
esti.herring@gmaul.com's picture
Terry Jeanne's picture
Terry Jeanne
SHU CHIN CHEN's picture
NancyPeterson's picture
rosalind@miscarriage-support.com's picture
kreede@msn.com's picture
wholelifesyc@gmail.com's picture
playrain1224@yahoo.com.tw's picture
sukoshi@windstream.net's picture
bethe@comcast.net's picture
kivispiro@gmail.com's picture
thehealingpiano@yahoo.com's picture
Chana Greenberg's picture
Chana Greenberg Brooklyn, New York
phodge111@gmail.com's picture
therapywest7@gmail.com's picture
therapywest7@gmai... Hanwell, England
info@karasorensen.com's picture
rory.oleson@gmail.com's picture
6189733@gmail.com's picture
lkmerton@gmail.com's picture
Diwinh@yahoo.com's picture
1967bpb@gmail.com's picture
attentiontj@gmail.com's picture
secal-lapeyre@wanadoo.fr's picture
voight09@gmail.com's picture
patricia;jouanthoua@wanadoo.fr's picture
velma@velmaalford.com's picture
SherylP's picture
SherylP Jerusalem Israel ISRAEL
SarahB's picture
SarahB Dublin, Ireland IRELAND
Reza Gunawan's picture
Reza Gunawan Jakarta DKI Jakarta INDONESIA
HeatherJ's picture
HeatherJ Belfast Belfast UNITED KINGDOM
NoelleM's picture
NoelleM West Los Angeles UNITED STATES
eliezerspetter's picture
eliezerspetter Jerusalem Jerusalem ISRAEL
shufang's picture
shufang Dulan, Taidong, Taiwan Taiwan TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA
Tsvi's picture
Tsvi Israel ISRAEL
SaraG's picture
SaraG Greater Jerusalem Israel ISRAEL
HelenM's picture
ChavahS's picture
ChavahS Jerusalem Jerusalem ISRAEL
NatasaS's picture
NatasaS Thun / Hünibach (Berne) Hünibach SWITZERLAND
ValerieW's picture
ValerieW Mandurah. West Australia. West Australia AUSTRALIA
brigitteH's picture
brigitteH Brussels BELGIUM
KristinH's picture
KristinH Sabanilla, San José Sabanilla, San José COSTA RICA
Simcha's picture
Simcha Ramat Gan Ramat Gan ISRAEL
IseultW's picture
ElseB's picture
ElseB Århus Århus N DENMARK
MayJ's picture
MayJ Stirlingshire Stirlingshire UNITED KINGDOM
ShmuelM's picture
ShmuelM Israel Israel ISRAEL
GuitaP's picture
GuitaP Toulon FRANCE
MarianneS's picture
MarianneS Aarhus Grenå DENMARK
DinaW's picture
DinaW Jerusalem, Israel ISRAEL
VeroniqueD's picture
VeroniqueD Toulouse Toulouse et Venerque FRANCE
cllundegaard's picture
cllundegaard Sorø Sjælland DENMARK
MariaRomero's picture
MariaRomero Geneva Switzerland SWITZERLAND
Anita van Gerrevink's picture
Anita van Gerrevink Apeldoorn - the Netherlands Gelderland NETHERLANDS
rosalind's picture
rosalind Cambridge, United Kingdon Cambridgeshire UNITED KINGDOM
JudithR's picture
JudithR Bayit Cham Mental Health Clinic ISRAEL
AviR's picture
AviR Jerusalem ISRAEL
EsterH's picture
MORENO's picture
MORENO toulouse France FRANCE
Alice HUANG's picture
Alice HUANG Toulouse, Haute Garonne / 土魯斯, 法國 Midi-Pyrénées FRANCE
Kathy Poodiack's picture
Kathy Poodiack Israel ISRAEL
maheshwarianjali@gmail.com's picture
maheshwarianjali@... India (and globally with skype) Karnataka INDIA
Suha Hoedi's picture
Suha Hoedi Jakarta DKI Jakarta INDONESIA
Laetitia's picture
Laetitia Valence Drôme FRANCE
Diwien Hartono's picture
Diwien Hartono Jakarta DKI Jakarta INDONESIA
Susan Vos's picture
Susan Vos Brisbane AUSTRALIA
AnneDB's picture
AnneDB Brussels Vlaams-Brabant BELGIUM
yehudisabramowitz@gmail.com's picture
yehudisabramowitz... Jerusalem, Israel Israel ISRAEL
gitte8240@hotmail.com's picture
gitte8240@hotmail... Aarhus, Denmark DENMARK
PatriciaJ's picture
PatriciaJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Nouvelle Aquitaine FRANCE
MargueriteW's picture
MargueriteW Edmonton Alberta CANADA
PerfectlyYouWellness's picture
PerfectlyYouWellness Dewey Arizona UNITED STATES
SuzanneB's picture
SuzanneB Kamloops British ColumbiaKamloops CANADA
AnnetteK's picture
AnnetteK Vancouver British Columbia CANADA
PaulaM's picture
PaulaM Oakland California UNITED STATES
dkallman's picture
dkallman Santa Cruz, CA California UNITED STATES
LesleyM's picture
LesleyM Simi Valley/Los Angeles California UNITED STATES
GaryS's picture
GaryS San Carlos California UNITED STATES
WendyM's picture
WendyM Santa Barbara California UNITED STATES
klynns99's picture
klynns99 Los Gatos California UNITED STATES
Sandra Wong's picture
Sandra Wong San Carlos California UNITED STATES
AhulaniM's picture
AhulaniM San Francisco Bay Area, but everywhere with Skype, and phone. California UNITED STATES
christineM's picture
christineM Oakland California UNITED STATES
Lucy Grace's picture
Lucy Grace San Ramon CA CaliforniaCA UNITED STATES
CatherineM's picture
CatherineM Oakland, CA California UNITED STATES
Lisa Lifrak's picture
Lisa Lifrak Aptos California UNITED STATES
entegrate@me.com's picture
entegrate@me.com San Francisco Bay Area California UNITED STATES
2corinag@gmail.com's picture
2corinag@gmail.com Torrance,CA California UNITED STATES
EricK's picture
EricK East Granby Connecticut UNITED STATES
MargaretE's picture
MargaretE Middletown Connecticut UNITED STATES
Tony Brazil's picture
Tony Brazil SKYPE or Northwestern Connecticut, USA Connecticut UNITED STATES
mholt821's picture
mholt821 West Hartford Connecticut UNITED STATES
PamL's picture
PamL Redding, CT ConnecticutCT UNITED STATES
HeleneP's picture
HeleneP Northwest Connecticut / Skype Connecticut UNITED STATES
beamalive@gmail.com's picture
beamalive@gmail.com Litchfield and Fairfield Counties, CT Connecticut UNITED STATES
BarbaraR's picture
BarbaraR Orlando, Florida Florida UNITED STATES
Harold McRae's picture
Harold McRae Columbus - Atlanta Area Georgia UNITED STATES
SukoshiR's picture
SukoshiR Blairsville Georgia UNITED STATES
LaurieT's picture
LaurieT Savannah Georgia UNITED STATES
PatriciaH's picture
PatriciaH Atlanta Georgia UNITED STATES