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Sharing TAT® FAQs


Q: Is it okay to put the free download How to Do TAT for a Stressful Event on my website, in my newsletter, or send it to my mailing list?

A: The booklet is copyrighted and the only way to share it is as a link to our website. The link to share for that is:

You might be interested in becoming a TAT Affiliate first. That way, you can tell people about our products and share your link with them. When someone uses your link to purchase a product, you’ll get 20% back. If you sign up for the affiliate program, be sure to share your link instead of the one above. There are affiliate links for the free download, the TAT card deck, and other specific products.


Q: What if I want to translate TAT® materials into other languages?

A: We love being able to offer our materials in other languages and value help with translations. If you would like to translate the free download, please write to Julie. You can also contact Julie if you're interested in translating other materials. Please be advised that you must have TATLife’s prior permission before translating any TAT materials.


Q: What if I want to develop my own DVDs, CDs, books, or other materials featuring TAT? Is that okay?

A: TAT® and Tapas Acupressure Technique® are federally registered trademarks which may only be used with permission from Tapas Fleming. If you’d like to include any of our information, including our free How to Do TAT for a Stressful Event booklet and/or the Steps of TAT, in any product, presentation or website, please contact TATLife. All our materials, including our website, are copyrighted and you need written permission to use any portion of them beyond fair use.


Q: What does it mean that TAT is trademarked?

A: A trademark is a word, name, symbol, or device which is used in trade with goods and/or services to indicate the source of the goods and services and to distinguish them from the goods and services of others. The trademarks TAT®, Tapas Acupressure Technique® and TATLife® embody the integrity and goodwill that Tapas has developed over the years as the creator of TAT and they distinguish TAT from other healing modalities. It means that only people who have written authorization from Tapas Fleming can use the trademarks in their advertising or in documents or materials they produce. One of the key benefits of the Certification Program is that certified TAT Trainers and Professionals are authorized to use the TAT trademark on their business cards and in their advertising.