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Using TAT® FAQs

Background Information

Q: What is TAT®?

A: TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique®) has been shown to be an easy way to end stress and live a happier life. It is a combination of placing your attention on a set of statements and touching a few specific acupuncture points on your face and at the back of your head.

Q: When was TAT developed?

A: In 1993.

Q: Who developed it?

A: Tapas Fleming, a Licensed Acupuncturist in California.

Q: How many people have used it?

A: Hundreds of thousands.

Q: What's TAT good for?

A: Ending stress, especially traumatic stress; releasing limiting beliefs; freeing a person of allergic reactions; gaining self-confidence and a positive outlook on life; relaxation and better health. Specifically:

TAT is never meant to diagnosis or replace medical care. There may be cases where you'll need to work with other health care practitioners. TAT can be used in conjunction with other types of health care. Talk to a TAT Professional or Trainer if you'd like more information.

Q: Is TAT guaranteed to cure my problem?

A: TATLife and Tapas Fleming do not make any claims or guarantees of any cure or healing - none are expressed or implied. Any claims of cures or healing are not supported or endorsed by TATLife or Tapas Fleming. Please read our full Disclaimer on the website.

Q: What should I order to get started?

A: Start with the free booklet How to Do TAT and the TAT Basics - Portland.


Getting Relief from a Stressful Event

Q: Do you re-live trauma and feel pain again with TAT?

A: Almost never. If you do, it usually lasts just a few seconds.

Q: How many times do I have to do a session on one trauma to feel it clear and be done with it?

A: In almost all cases, one session is enough.

Q: How do I get help working on a problem?

A: Schedule a consultation with Tapas or a TAT Professional.

Consultations with Tapas are scheduled Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm PDT. When you work with Tapas for the first time, it’s best to schedule a full hour. Of course, you are also welcome to choose a 20 or 30 minute session. If more time is needed, Tapas may offer suggestions for things to do on your own and there's always the option of scheduling additional time. To schedule a session with Tapas, click here.

Most TAT Professionals also work over the phone or Skype as well as in person. Check out our Professionals directory. You’re welcome to call and interview Professionals to find someone you'd enjoy working with.

Q: Where can I get more information about traumatic stress?

A:To read stories from people who've used TAT for their traumatic stress, click here. The TAT card deck is an easy way to reduce stress and a great way to get started. You don’t have to think about what to do – the card deck guides you. Click here for more information.


Using TAT

Q: Are there any side effects from doing TAT?

A: Occasionally you may feel tired after doing TAT. On rare occasion, people have gotten headaches doing TAT. If that happens, you can:

  • Walk.
  • Place your palm (of either hand) centered a couple of inches below your navel and breathe deeply with your attention there for about five minutes.
  • Massage your feet , especially a point on top of each foot between the bones that go down to your big toe and the next toe. It's called "Liver 3" in Chinese acupuncture.

For best results, drink plenty of water, rest as needed after doing TAT, use TAT as directed in our free “How-to…” and limit your time in the TAT Pose to 20 minutes a day.

Q: Do I have to be a trained professional to do TAT on myself?

A: No, anyone can do TAT on themselves.

Q: Is it normal to sigh when something clears?

A: Yes, although this doesn't happen for everyone, and that's normal, too.

Q: What if I physically can't do the Pose for myself?

A: You can imagine you have both hands in the Pose. If you can do the Pose with one hand, you can do that and just imagine you have the other hand in the other position. Another option is to have someone hold the Pose for you.

If you'd like further or more detailed help with this, please contact a TAT Professional. Or you can take a Basics workshop with a TAT Trainer, where all your questions about using TAT for yourself will be addressed. Upcoming workshops are listed here.

Q: After a few seconds in the Pose, my mind begins to wander. What does that mean?

A: It means you're done with that step.

Q: Can TAT help children?

A: Yes. For introductory information, download the free How to Do TAT for a Stressful Event booklet from our home page. For help working with your own children, you can learn more by taking a TAT Basics workshop from a TAT Trainer, getting our TAT Basics - Portland DVD or video download, or working with a TAT Professional.

Q: Does TAT work for animals?

A: Yes. To find out how to use TAT in a variety of situations, take a TAT Basics workshop from a TAT Trainer or get the TAT Basics - Portland DVD or video download.

Q: Can I be a Christian and do TAT?

A: Yes. You can ask the Holy Spirit or the Lord to do the healing.

The healing comes from that which makes flowers grow and cuts heal. For many people, that is God. TAT Professionals work within your context – you choose if you want to include God (or whatever name you use) in several of the Steps of TAT.

You are welcome to contact several certified TAT Professionals and pick the one you’re most comfortable with. Our Professional directory can be accessed by clicking here.

Most Professionals work by phone, so you’re not limited to finding someone near you.

Q: Can I be an atheist or agnostic and do TAT?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to believe TAT will work for it to work?

A: No, you don't. Just do TAT as directed. TAT works for children and even for animals -- and they have no belief about TAT.

Q: What do I do if TAT doesn't seem to be working?

A: Arrange an appointment with Tapas or a TAT Professional or study our TAT Basics - Portland DVD and other materials that apply to your situation.

Q: How will I know if TAT has worked?

A: When you think about your problem, it doesn’t bother you or it bothers you less.

When you live your life, you notice that you’re feeling and responding in a new, relaxed way.

When you do TAT to clear up a belief, you may not be able to sense an immediate change. You may only notice the change when life presents a situation and you respond differently than before you did TAT.

You’re more likely to notice a change when you do TAT to heal a situation or trauma that is currently causing you stress. In this situation, you may feel a sense of immediate relaxation, inner peace and creative solutions to problems upon completion of TAT. In some cases, you may feel no change and will have to wait and see how you behave and feel as you live your life. Life may present you with an event, and afterward you look back and realize that you responded in a more healthy, empowered way than before you did TAT.

If you are treating an allergy that is potentially life threatening, you need to be in the presence of medical help before testing it following a TAT session.

Q: What's different about TAT compared to EFT?

A: You don't have to delve into memories or emotions or make statements specific to a situation with TAT. People of a wide variety of religions find TAT has a very spiritual nature.

To read more on this, you can join the CelebrateTAT email list where this topic has been discussed. Look through the archives or search "EFT" for more information.


Getting Help

Q: What is a certified TAT Professional?

A: A certified TAT Professional is someone who has completed the requirements for our certification program (click here to read them) and is qualified to use TAT professionally. TAT Professionals are the only practitioners of TAT certified by TATLife®. They have worked one-on-one with a certified TAT Trainer, taken courses, studied materials, and demonstrated their skills. To see a list of certified TAT Professionals, click here.

Q: Is working with someone who says they do TAT but isn't certified recommended?

A: No, we recommend only working with certified TAT Professionals. Someone who is not certified may only have read the free download or watched a DVD and then incorporated TAT into their practice. You have no assurance as to the depth of their understanding or skill with TAT. We have no formal relationship with them, and can offer you no help if you’re not satisfied with the level of service you receive. If you're not sure if your practitioner is certified, you can check by clicking here.

Q: Is a TAT Practitioner the same thing as a TAT Professional?

A: There is no official designation of TAT Practitioner that is recognized or supported by TATLife -- a certified TAT Professional is the only TAT practitioner recognized by TATLife.

Q: How can I share TAT to help others?

A: You can either direct them to this website so they can learn TAT and use it for themselves, or you can become a certified TAT Professional and use TAT with clients. We welcome you to take a look at our certification program.