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Dear Tapas and TAT Friends, 

In the excitement and demands of other changes in my life, I have been neglecting to tell you of a particular impact on me of some TAT work I did on May 9th. 

At the end of Tapas' May 8th-9th workshop, a few of us got together and decided to practice TAT on our own issues. I chose as my issue and my initial statement "It's so hard to eat only the healthy foods." 

Before we proceeded to the actual work, we discussed our issues briefly. I had given some thought previously to why it was so hard for me to avoid desserts, which I had to have most suppertimes, and salty treats at other times. The only conclusion I had come to so far was that they made me feel good. If I didn't eat them when I really wanted them, I felt deprived.

So we got on with it, I did the first two statements (the second being "It's easy to eat only the healthy foods") and got no discernible response. I would like to be more energy-sensitive, am working at it (although not as hard as I could), and am aware that energy may be changing without my capacity to detect it, so I continued, having faith that something would happen. At the third statement I saw a fast parade across my field of vision of meals my mother had cooked. I have been lucky to have a good mother, and she was a good cook, too, so the foods were stuff like a roast chicken, vegetables, salads, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc. There was no emotional response, I simply noticed the foods whizzing by from right to left. It took only a few seconds and was complete. At statement four, I realized "Hey, there were NO DESSERTS in that parade!" Again, no emotion except surprise. At statement five, I had an auditory memory of my mother at the dinner table, pointing at me, saying "You'll be SENT!" That was the last warning before being sent to your room without dessert. Still no emotion, just the memory and a small sense of amusement that I would remember it so vividly. The emotion came at statement six: a rush of hot, big tears with the insight that not getting dessert and treats made me feel like a "bad girl." Then I was laughing as I got the pun: No wonder eating desserts and treats made me "feel good!" The eating of them was a confirmation that I AM good! Statement seven gave me a feeling of peace.

I have lost 24 pounds since May 9th, gone from a 12 to a 4-6 (after about twelve years of failed efforts), and I let people know how. It's because it is now SO EASY to eat only the healthy foods!

I offer this to you in thanks for your teaching, Tapas, and I am also thinking it may help others. 

I look forward to seeing you all in Toronto -- and now I look forward to being seen, too! 


Pati Beaudoin

Within a life context that is much larger, TAT brought about the key shift that permitted my remarkable weight loss. 

Relevant background:

  • 1. For several years I had been aware that whenever I became clear about, and got energetically aligned with, my life purpose, everything would fall into place for me. But I'd been thrown off balance by 7 home moves in the past 8 years, some fairly serious physical problems, and some rather big emotional traumas (all of which I've worked through with TAT).
  • 2. I had been somewhat overweight since childhood. The only exception was when I lost a lot of weight in the month before my daughter was born 43 years ago. (That weight loss occurred because I was in serious danger of eclampsia which endangered both of us. To deal with that, the doctor put me on a 600-calorie a day diet for a month.) Apart from just after my daughter's birth, when I was at about 126 pounds, I had never been anywhere near what you'd call "trim." And I hadn’t ever had a particularly strong motivation to change that. (I'm almost 69 now.) Also I hadn’t ever been particularly motivated to exercise. And I had a very long-standing pattern of buying way too much food, to make sure I had enough. So my grocery bills were way too high.
  • 3. In the past few years I'd been aware that I needed to release extraneous stuff: books, papers, clothes, etc, and I'd made some headway on that, but had felt very much hampered by not knowing what was right to release. I'd felt that I needed clarity on my life purpose/focus for the future before I could know clearly what to release.
  • 4. I was concerned that my practice was not as healthy as I would like; I could easily work with far more clients than had found their way to me.

What has occurred within the past month:

  • 1A. My life purpose finally came clear to me and I made the commitment to it that allowed my energies to align with it.
  • 2A. Knowing and aligning with my life purpose made it clear that getting really healthy and strong, and developing stamina, are essential to being able to do my work well for as long as I'm needed (20 years? more?). Getting healthy and strong requires losing weight and exercising. So I finally had the motivation for doing those things.
  • 3A. I also became aware that to do what my life purpose requires, I needed to release everything that's extraneous and slowing me down--all non-essential stuff. That includes all kinds of physical "stuff," including the extra weight. (There's probably more mental/emotional/spiritual stuff to clear also, but I haven't gotten there yet.)
  • 2A & 3A Once I had the motivation to lose the weight, I realized that concerns about weight have been big in my family for at least five generations: my grandmother, mother, me, daughter, two adult granddaughters. So I did one TAT step: "On behalf of myself, all of my ancestors and all of my descendants.... all of the origins of the pattern of gaining and carrying too much weight are clearing and healing now in all dimensions of space and time."

That turned the key. Everything became very simple and easy from then on. What I needed to do became apparent, and I proceeded to do it. Everything has continued to be simple, easy and joyful, and my body seems to be very happy indeed with the process. 

Results so far: 
As of now (remember that I started a little less than 3 weeks ago) I have lost at least 25 pounds, from about 155 to about 130. I do look trim now when I'm wearing clothes, and I'm continuing to release extra weight until I find my ideal healthy weight. I'm also learning how to live in my new way, understanding that I'm a smaller person now and that I need much less food--not only now but especially when I've finished losing extraneous weight and am establishing the "new normal." I'm guessing that might be around 120, but I won't know till I get there because I've never been at my ideal weight before--whatever it is! Please understand that I haven't gone into anorexia, and there's been nothing the least bit compulsive about this process. I'm feeling a sense of choice, ease, health, and rightness every step of the way.

  • 3A. Three boxes of books went to a book sale over the weekend, and more are on their way. A bag of clothes for a charity pickup is almost filled.
  • 4A. More clients are coming, and current ones are extending their work with me into additional areas of their lives.

I feel the most important "shift points" in this story have been: A) discovering and choosing to align with my life purpose, B) seeing deeply that getting healthy and strong, and releasing all the extra weight and physical "stuff," are essential to my purpose, and aligning deeply with that motivation, and C) that one big TAT step. 

Thank you, Tapas 

Judy Steele, TAT Professional (click here for Judy's contact and practice information)

This story was submitted by Harold McRae, TAT Professional (click here for Harold's contact and practice information).

July 8, 2007

Harold, I have sent a card telling you this, and I realized I could email it. Since I saw you last I've lost 10 pounds as of today, July 8. I can't tell you how good this feels and how happy I am. I'm using TAT everyday.... about 20-30 minutes a day. As I get used to it, it takes less time. I feel very comfortable with it. It is amazing. It works!!! 

I find myself being able to resist driving into any of the drive-through restaurants, especially on Macon Road. That road for me is like running the gauntlet. The first time I drove there I found myself repeating in my head, "It's not true I have to...." over and over. Now, only once in awhile am I drawn to the fast food. It is no longer hard to resist. I just smile and feel so good about myself. 

At home I'm able to stay on my diet and eat at regular times...instead of ALL the time. I've bought healthy, appropriate foods for my diabetic diet. It is a food exchange diet much like Weight Watchers. I can have 1500 calories a day and seldom eat all that. I'm keeping a food diary, a weight chart, and a blood sugar chart. I am always motivated by charts. Must be the schoolteacher in me. 

Thank you so much for this. I've read the co-dependency book and have taken notes. I've done the same with the TAT book. I have also found the TAT site on line. Very helpful. Was happy to see your picture on there and feel so lucky that I know you. 

Thanks again and God bless you. This means so much to me. Love, Julia

July 9, 2007 

Yes, you can put my story on the website. I almost started to preface that by saying, "But it's only been a little over a week - almost two weeks. And I may fall off the wagon (go back to poor eating habits)." But, instead, I will say, "It's not true that I will fall of the wagon. I am OK, I am relaxed, and I can continue this program." So, there! 

What a great change of thinking and believing about myself. Harold, I am so happy about this. I feel free for the first time in I don't know when. I feel liberated. I feel successful. I feel hopeful. And I know that doesn't have to stop. I have a long way to go. But I can go one day at a time. And each day is important in itself NOW. I'm happy with who I am. With the weight and size I am at any given moment, although I've set goals to be healthier...I know I'll meet those goals. In the past when I would diet I would carry around the burden of future weight loss daily. It was a chore. This is not. Man, I could just go on and on. I'm even nicer to the people around me and not worried about their problems, addictions, faults, and sins. I am liberated from more than the craving for food. I wish I could express what that means for me. 

TAT seems to be reinforcing itself each day. I don't get upset if I don't get through a day perfectly. I just continue on. Doing the exercises, reading my co-dependency book, keeping my little charts. (I do love a chart, especially if the line keeps going down.) 

At first I was worried about the forgiveness part. But it's not something I have to struggle with. The magic words in the TAT book are: It is not necessary to think of each person involved; just MAKE THE INTENTION OF FORGIVENESS WITH YOUR HEART. Wow! That is so close to my Christian experience...this has put me back in touch in a more meaningful way with that spiritual part of myself. I want to be Christ like, but my behavior and thoughts have been far from that. 

I could go on forever. I'll stop now. You have my permission to use anything I say or write in anyway you wish. I would be very happy if my "testimony" could encourage or help anyone else. 

Thank you, again, Harold. Love, Julia

July 11, 2007 

Harold, I had another great event. Twice a month the retired teachers from Wesley Heights.... all us old gals who taught there together for so many years...meet for lunch. Pre-TAT if I had this come up after losing 11 pounds I would have made an excuse and not gone.... or I would have blown my diet. 

HOWEVER!!!!!! Under "Life Style Beliefs" in Tapas' Weight Loss book it says, “If someone else is eating dessert or second helpings, I will feel left out and deprived if I don't have some, too. It is okay if someone eats something that I don't. I don't feel left out and deprived if I don't have some, too." 

WELL!! We went to Chili's and fortunately at Chili's there are quite a few menu items that fit my food choices. I ordered a salad containing grilled chicken and a little fruit. I also ordered a side order of steamed vegetables. The dressing was on the side.... I dipped my fork in the dressing and then picked up the lettuce in the salad with it. I used less than half the dressing. I drank unsweetened tea, but next time I'll order water, because the tea cost $2.19. That's ridiculous. All around me was gorgeous, fattening luscious food. I WAS NOT TEMPTED. I DID NOT FEEL DEPRIVED OR LEFT OUT. I LEFT THE RESTAURANT FEELING LIGHT AND HEALTHY. 

Another phrase..."It feels good to have my belly full. I can't imagine being satisfied without that feeling of fullness." This one is very important to me. I have always eaten for comfort. In the middle of alcoholic chaos Mama always had these delicious meals and desserts on the table. Eating was probably the most pleasant part of a day. I could sit and eat and eat and eat. While I felt FULL - and I do mean full - I felt very happy and calm. All my life I've depended on food for comfort. The other part of the above phrase says, "I value how light and healthy I feel when I eat smaller portions." 

That really came into play today at Chili's among my friends having such a good time, talking, laughing, and celebrating ourselves. It was even more fun today, because I didn't stuff myself and leave with a distended belly almost in pain and go home and lie down and sleep the rest of the afternoon and wake up with a food hangover. I was able to enjoy the fellowship and spend my energy on social interaction (of which I have so little). What a difference. What joy. I am so thankful. Tonight I ate the prescribed food on the diet for dinner. I feel satisfied and comforted and comfortable and light and healthy. Joy, joy, joy. 

This is so incredibly important to me. Julia